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Here are some articles to help you understand the beneficial properties of the various ingredients of Smart Styx Energy Drink mix.

1. Study Says Young Adults are a Primary Target for Phytonutrients Nutritional Outlook - 5/16/11

"[T]he potential roles some phytonutrients can play in healthy aging: “…carotenoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene may offer breast, ovarian and other health benefits for women, while flavonoids such as quercetin and anthocyanidins may support brain health. Ellagic acid, found in foods like pomegranates, strawberries and walnuts, may help ward off some cancers, including breast and prostate.”


2. Green Tea Beverage Improves Skin Protection and Structure - Nutritional Outlook - 4/28/11

"Research published in the Journal of Nutrition has linked consumption of green tea polyphenols to improved skin protection and skin structure in women. [...] At week 12, subjects consuming the green tea beverage showed increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the skin along with improvements in structural skin characteristics."


Technical versionhttp://jn.nutrition.org/content/early/2011/04/27/jn.110.136465.abstract?sid=ebf97194-eef5-4f7b-8285-05cd811e839b

3. Dietary Supplements for Cognitive Health: Matter over Mind - Nutritional Outlook - 3/30/11

"As people look for ways to preemptively stave off cognitive decline, many are considering dietary supplements. "


4. Antioxidants: High Expectations for a High Quality of Life Nutritional Outlook - 3/1/11

"Almost everyone knows the basics—free radicals damage cell membranes and DNA through a process known as oxidative stress, which may lead to future health problems and the early onset of disease or aging. The good news, of course, is that antioxidants “fight” these dangerous compounds and help preserve health and longevity."